Refrigerator Repair Austin

At Appliance Masters, we understand that when our friends and neighbors here in Austin need a refrigerator repaired, it’s typically not something that you want to sit around and wait to have done.  Not only is it inconvenient to wait, but you also have all that food that is at risk of spoiling, so it’s really important to get a service technician out to you as soon as possible to get things working normally again.

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And that’s exactly why your refrigerator problems are our priority – we’ll always do our best to give you an appointment the same day you call, or as soon as is convenient for your schedule.  And when you book an appointment, we’ll not only give you a choice of times within a 3 hour window, we also promise to call you about 30 minutes before you arrive, so you won’t be stuck waiting around all day for the repairman to show up.

All of our technicians are polite, professional, clean, highly trained and fully insured.  Our work is also backed up by a 90 day warranty on all the work we perform as well as a full 12 months on any parts we replace.

What’s more, our trucks are well stocked with most of the necessary parts to fix your fridge, freezer or any other appliance you’re having problems with.  That means that repairs can be completed in a single trip in most cases.  If we do need to leave for a specialty part, you’ll never be charged for a return trip – it’s all part of the single price we’ll quote you.

Speaking of price, we work by the job, not by the hour, so once you get a quote from us, you’ll know exactly what the cost will be. No nasty surprises at the end.

Before we begin any work for you, a complete diagnostic will be performed so our technician will know exactly what the problem is. You will receive a written summary of what was found along with the price to complete the repair.  If you agree to the repairs, 100% of our service call and diagnostic fee will be applied to the cost of the repair.

appliance-repair-coupon-save-15appliance-repair-coupon-save-15appliance-repair-coupon-save-15Also, as a way of saying thank you to Austin for making us the #1 appliance repair provider in the area, we offer our customers who find us on the web an additional 15% discount on the cost of labor on your refrigerator service. Simply tell us you found us online when you call to schedule your appointment, and the discount will be applied to the final bill.

We realize that many of our customers are do-it-yourself types, and they like the idea of trying to fix a refrigerator that’s not cooling properly themselves.  While we applaud the initiative, and we even provide helpful videos and articles here on this site to help in such situations, we also want to point out that taking on such a project has some risks, too.

Many of today’s refrigerators, freezers and other home appliances are quite sophisticated and are more like computers than the large appliances our parents grew up with.  Because of this, it can be more difficult to ‘tweak’ things as an amateur.  What’s more, you run the very real risk of voiding any kind of warranty you may have on your purchase if work is done on it by someone who is not factory certified to do so.

That’s why we recommend you make use of the very best repair service company in the industry – Austin Appliance Masters.  No matter what kind of refrigerator, freezer, icebox, mini-fridge, wine cooler or other home appliance you might be having problems with(or even commercial refrigerator and freezer units), we can help you.

Call us today and we’ll have things running again for you in no time.

Fixing Your Fridge – Dealing With Three Common Issues On Your Own

Without a doubt, your home refrigerator is the champion as far as hardest working kitchen appliances, wouldn’t you agree? It never gets a break from working to keep things cool and fresh for you and your family. But when it malfunctions, you can have a real problem on your hands: spoiled food. Fortunately, not all refrigerator problems need a professional service call (though certainly there are times when you’ll have no choice and an expert refrigerator repair is really what you’ll need). Even a complete non-technical person may be able to remedy certain issues through simple changes in day to day actions and a few minor adjustments.

Freezer Door Opens When You Close the Fridge

As frustrating as this problem is, it’s actually something that is pretty frequent. While it surprises some people, the explanation is actually quite simple. Since your whole refrigerator/freezer is designed to be air tight, when the bigger fridge door gets slammed shut, it pushes a lot of air through the vent system. The vent goes to the freezer, and the air pressure pushes on the freezer door and simply pops it open. In theory, you could get the same thing happening the other way around. The reason you don’t really see it though is because the freezer door is generally considerably smaller and lighter, pushing less air against a larger and heavier refrigerator door.

This issue can sometimes be caused by improperly sealing doors, so you’ll want to check the gaskets along both the fridge and the freezer door to make sure you’ve got a tight seal on them. Then, prop up the front of the fridge so that it’s slightly higher than the back; this will help the doors close via gravity, as well as force. You can also place some heavy items in the freezer door to help keep it closed.

Fridge freezer is Becoming Way too Frosted

If you have a leak in your fridge freezer door seal, you will most probably get a freezer which is becoming loaded with frost and ice. Sound familiar? A simple leak in the door seal may not sound like much, but when cold air keeps leaking out, you’re going to make your freezer work extra hard to try to keep things cold. In return you get lots of frost and freezer burn on top of an electricity bill that’s way higher than it should be. Do a thorough visual examination of the door gasket, looking for tears, holes, and gaps. If none are present, check that nothing in the freezer is keeping the door from closing all the way.

Also check your own habits. Do you make sure the freezer door is fully closed each time you get something out? Calling in a professional repair service makes sense if you’ve checked all these things first and you’re still having a lot of ice build up.

Refrigerator Cycles Too Much

freezer repair Austin
freezer repair Austin – door gasket replacement

If your fridge is working harder than usual and your energy bills are on the rise, check the condenser coils behind the vent panel for dust and, if you have pets, animal fur. All that dust and hair on the coils makes it harder for them to cool off (like a big winter coat! ), and that in turn will make your fridge work harder than it needs to. You can use the hose extension on your vacuum to gently remove dust and hair.

To help keep your coils clean in the future you can try this trick – cover the vent panel with something like old pantyhose material. It keeps the dust and debris off the coils but still allows air to circulate and cool things down as they should. If you check the coils and you don’t find a lot of buildup on them yet the refrigerator is still overheating, then it could be something more serious and you should just go ahead and call in an expert repair company.

You don’t want to damage your fridge or potentially void a warranty by trying to mess with parts such as condenser coils, compressors or motherboards and trying to fix them yourself. In such situations you really are better off making use of skilled, trained, expert technicians who are up to date on all the latest technologies and repair techniques.

Energy Efficiency of Modern Refrigerators

For US refrigerators, the Consortium on Energy Efficiency (CEE) further differentiates between Energy Star qualified refrigerators. Tier 1 refrigerators are those that are 20% to 24.9% more efficient than the Federal minimum standards set by the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA). Tier 2 are those that are 25% to 29.9% more efficient. Tier 3 is the highest qualification, for those refrigerators that are at least 30% more efficient than Federal standards. About 82% of the Energy Star qualified refrigerators are Tier 1, with 13% qualifying as Tier 2, and just 5% at Tier 3.

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