Kenmore Washing Machine Repair

Kenmore Washer Not Spinning

Kenmore washing machine repair Austin
Kenmore washing machine repair Austin

Whether you have a Kenmore washing machine or some other brand, a very common washing machine repair that we get calls about is that the machine is suddenly not turning on, or it’s not going into its’ spin cycle.  More often than not, the problem is with the lid switch.  This is something that many people can repair on their own, by following the simple guidance below.

However, if you find that you’re not comfortable with doing this yourself, or if your Kenmore washer (or other brand name washing machine) is giving you a different problem, we suggest you contact a professional appliance repair company to get things working for you again.  In Austin, if you want best, call Best Appliance Repair of Austin at (512) 270-3577. Same day service calls are usually available, and we always apply 100% of the service call fee to your repair.

With any repair be sure you’ve unplugged the appliance before beginning.

Your first step is to move the control panel out of the way. To do this, remove the screws founded either end. On some models these screws may be located in the rear panel, or they may be covered by plastic end caps.  Pull the end cap off from the top to access the screw and remove both screws and rotate the panel up. Some models use clips instead of screws to secure the control panel.  It that’s the case, insert a putty knife between the control panel and the cabinet to release the clips. Unplug the wire connector and snap out the spring clips using a flat head screw driver.

Tilt the cabinet towards you, slide forward and removed set down the front of the cabinet on a a towel or carpet to access the lid switch assembly.  Remove the ground screw first, followed by the two mounting screws.

Unsnap the wire harness from the two metal retainers. You can use a flat head screw driver to assist in detaching the harness. Remove the old lid switch by using pliers to evenly squeeze both sides of the wire connector.

You’re now ready to install the new lid switch assembly.

Snap the wire connector of the new lid switch assembly into place.  Secure the wire harness using both metal retainers.  Line the main switch up with the screw holes near the lid opening and secure with the two mounting screws, then attach the grounding wire.

Now reinstall the cabinet. The front edge of the cabinet slides underneath the base frame. Use your foot to push it into position and align the two notches in each side of the cabinet with the tabs on each side of the base frame. Now ease the cabinet to match up with the rear panel.

Reinstall the spring clips, reattach the wire connector, rotate the control panel down and lock the clips into place or reinstall the two screws if applicable to your model.

Replace the end caps by aligning the tab with the slot at the bottom and snapping the cap into position. You are now ready to plug the appliance back in to make sure it’s functioning properly.  And remember, if you have any issues with any of this, feel free to give us a call at Best Appliance Repair of Austin at (512) 270-3577.