Asko Dishwasher Repair

Fixing Common Dishwasher Issues

Asko dishwasher repair Austin
Asko dishwasher repair Austin

Today I’m going to talk to you about diagnosing problems with your dishwasher. We happen to be talking about Asko dishwasher repairs today, but this really applies to just about any make, brand or model of dishwasher you may have in your house.

Now there’s two things that you look at with your dishwasher. It has power, and then of course it needs water. Now if you don’t have any – if it’s not operating at all, the first thing you might want to check is going out to your power panel and checking to see if your breaker has dripped. If it has, just simply reset that breaker and you should have power.

Now the second thing we run into a lot of times with dishwasher is after you run a cycle you may have some residual water down in the bottom. Now if you roll out your lower basket, you can actually remove this basket and take it out and then when we get down inside here there is actually what looks like an upside down strainer in the back side of your dishwasher. It’s held down with a couple of screws, and that’s made to filter out some of the larger particles. At times that drain down there, over a period of time, just either by collecting grease or oil or food particles, can get clogged up.

So to fix the problem with that residual water, you just want to reach – you want to unscrew these screws and then you can remove this basket. So once you remove the basket, you can pull out the larger drain and then you can reach down in there and just with your hand you can clear some of the particles.

Now if it still does not clog you may need to run a plummer snake down in this side, you want to be careful though because some of those plastic components, you want to be really careful ’cause this is just a thin plastic line.

If this does not clear it, then the next thing you want to check is you want to check the plastic tube that runs from your dishwasher into your drain line. If you have a garbage disposal, it runs into there, and you want to make sure that that line is clear.

And finally when you look at diagnosing some problems with your dishwasher, you may just want to make sure that on the front of this, that your controls are set properly. Those buttons can as you push those buttons particularly with their push buttons they can get stuck halfway in between, so you just want to make sure that you have the correct selections for your cycle.

And that’s how to diagnose your dishwasher and some of the more common problems you might be dealing with.  If these basic checks don’t resolve your issue, then by all means, we reccomend you call a professional service technician.  And as long as you’re doing it, why not get the best?  Best Appliance Repair of Austin will be happy to send someone out to you the same day you call (or early the next day), so you can get your dishwasher working again in no time.